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Local History

Colonel William Light, who surveyed Adelaide in 1836, described the backdrop to his city as "the enchanted hills". The prominent spurs of the foothills were simply named Black Hill, Green Hill and Brown Hill, whilst the highest point - Mount Lofty - was sighted and named by the explorer Matthew Flinders in 1802 as he circumnavigated Australia in his ship Investigator. more>>

Eating Out

The Adelaide Hills is famous for its beautiful vineyards and orchards. The Adelaide Hills region offers a wide variety of restaurants, cafés, hotels and wineries ... more>>


Bishops Adelaide Hills is located just a short drive away from an exciting array of local boutique wineries, pubs, quality restaurants, farmers markets, arts and craft shops, gardens, parks and other tourist attractions. more>>

Annual Events

There are many different events held in the Adelaide Hills during the year from car rallys, international cycling, regional shows and seasonal events, such as the Lobethal Lights at Christmas. more>>

Mt Lofty House

Marble Hill

Basket Range

Orchards and hills

Mt Lofty

Picnic at Cleland Wildlife Park

Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens

Historic homesteads

Scenic Hotel, Norton Summit

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Alley's Knob

How “Basket Range”
got its name.

There are several theories behind the district's curious name. One popular explanation dates back to the 1840’s and 50’s when German settlers from the Harz Mountains, probably based at Lobethal or German Flat (near Lenswood) carried their produce to market in Adelaide in large wicker baskets mounted on their backs.

In keeping with the early settler’s tendency to use simple descriptive names like “Green Hill” and “Deep Creek”, the most likely explanation is that the name describes the district's special geography. If you stand atop "Alley's Knob" you can soon see why the early English and German colonists called this beautiful pocket of the Adelaide Hills, the "Basket" Range.

There are other intriguing explanations as to how the district got its name, but whether named for its history or its geography, Basket Range remains a place of beauty and the junction of Deep Creek and Sixth Creek is still a popular picnic spot.